Domain Names

Register your online identity with us with full confidence and low cost. The domain names are web sites names, like "", where "you name" is the domain name and ".com" is the extension or TLD "top level domain".

Why buy a domain name?

You should buy a domain name that's not taken before you start creating a website. You can thus be sure that no-one else will register the name before you do. To be sure that you own it, you could register it even before having your website, as well as one or several extensions. We offer you a dozen of those: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,,, and many more (.bd depands on the permission and availibility of BTCL).

You can also buy several domain names for the same site and set up redirections - you are therefore sure that no one else will take those domain names.

If you already have a domain name registered with a registrar, you can transfer it to IMEX. The management of your websites and domain names will therefore be centralized in our company. When ordering, just state that you wish to transfer the domain name.

The purchase, transfer or renewal of a domain names costs BDT 1000 or USD 13$ per year.

For country domain (,,, Please contact +88 01819 134 111