What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (Social Media Optimization, SMO) focuses on utilizing various social media networks as communication and advertising platforms to reach a wider audience of Internet users. Our services focus on creating and maintaining an online presence through these various social media channels in order to broadcast your marketing message.

How is Social Media relevant to you?

Many businesses don’t quite understand the relevance their own relevance to social media. There is no single perfect business which directly translates into social media. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can leverage social media as a platform to directly connect with customers, share information, and create interest. Millions of potential clients utilize social media on a daily basis to connect with friends, family members, and countless brands.

By providing social media users with information about your latest products and services you can provide those potentially interested in what you have to offer with direct information relevant to them.

How significant is Social Media?

Social media is often the hot topic at many business conventions and in the news. As a constantly growing and evolving industry it has become increasingly important to not only create but to maintain a brand presence on the major social networks. Social media has become a primary way for clients to contact businesses over their concerns, interests, or to even serve the purpose of publically thanking a business for what they have done.

It is a highly competitive and unique opportunity for branding initiatives and customer communication. Users turn to social media for the latest deals and quick information to take advantage of.

What can IMEX do for your business?

We offer businesses with the ability to create a presence in social media through the expertise of our trained and seasoned social media marketing team. Through our guidance we will work to assist you in the process of not only creating but maintaining and growing a brand in social media. Through setting obtainable goals and achieving them, our team will help you reach new customers and grow a following capable of converting web users into paying customers over time.